2021 Digital Marketing Strategy for Kenyan Businesses

ISA_Digital Marketing Kenya 2021

2021 Digital Marketing Strategy for Kenyan Businesses

ISA (International School of Advertising) _Digital Marketing strategies 2021 in Kenya
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So, what is digital marketing? Another fancy buzz word that people use nowadays to make them feel smart during meetings? Or one of those fancy tech words in digital communication?

Perhaps, a better question should be, what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is quite self-explanatory, simply put, online or internet marketing using digital tools such as mobile applications, emails, websites, social media, search engines, or any other digital channel.

Today more than ever, in Kenya’s online landscape, digital marketing is essential. It doesn’t matter what industry or business you run; it’s one way of growing your business.

This also makes Digital Marketing a vital study area for marketers looking to build their credentials.

According to the top faculty at ISA (International School of Advertising), to develop your company revenue, you require the best digital marketing strategies on your side.

A digital marketing strategy has a tremendous opportunity to grow your business even in 2021, but unfortunately, most companies in Kenya lack a digital marketing strategy.

What is a Digital Marketing Strategy?

A business’s digital marketing strategy is a plan that outlines how the company will achieve its marketing goals using online channels such as social and search media.

An effective digital marketing plan will outline the channels and the digital marketing tactics the business will use and how much you are looking to invest in the tactics and channels.

Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Kenyan Businesses

According to leading marketing experts at the International School of Advertising– Africa, understanding digital marketing strategy or customer value journey is the perfect way to engineer your business in a direction that moves your potential clients predictably through the stages of conversion.

Fortunately for you, we have outlined a few digital marketing tactics you can use for your business in Kenya.

SEO Blogging

A lot of businesses confuse a diary with a blog. It’s essential to use your blog section to your advantage effectively.

While it’s okay to detail your day to day progress, if you lack an existing loyal following on your website, your blog section will be a ghost town.

To fix this, get into your potential client’s mind and write about the problems they are searching for.

There’s a bounty of keyword search tools you can use to your advantage to find out what your clients are searching for every month.

Invest in Web Design

Most businesses in Kenya don’t think much about how their website looks.

What you may not know is your web design determines the amount of time a potential client will spend on your page.

It is the center of all your digital marketing efforts. Always seek to develop a modern, minimalistic, mobile-friendly design.

Email Marketing

It’s not enough to just send emails anymore.

Our lead marketing expert at ISA recommends using various email lists that will cater to each individual’s specific needs and presents a personalized approach to your marketing campaigns.  

Video Marketing on YouTube

According to recent surveys, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine and a platform where millions of people look for solutions to their problems each day.

Depending on your business, develop video content that is genuinely helpful and adds value. Avoid fluff or being annoyingly promotional.

Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, almost everyone you know is on social media, from prominent politicians, clerics, artists, teachers, and probably your next client.

Social media is a massive market with the potential of taking your business to the next level.

Unlike most social media businesses, avoid posting boring content and promotions to followers across all your channels.

Instead, focus on one channel at a time instead of spreading yourself thin. Find out where most of your client base hangs out, then put all your effort on that platform before moving to the next.

Bottom line

Digital marketing has the potential to take your business to the next level.

However, it is essential to note that the key to digital marketing success is to adopt the client’s mindset. Aim at solving your customer’s problems with valuable content instead of giving them a hard sell.

If you are looking to learn more about digital marketing for your business, you can enroll in a digital marketing course.

At ISA (International School of Advertising), we offer a digital marketing short course known as Digital for Business that could help you boost your digital marketing skill.

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