Master Class Courses

ISA Africa Master Class Creative Courses 2018

Below is an outline of upcoming Master Class Trainings for the year 2018. Feel free to make an inquiry for more details:

The logic behind the magic

Creating and approving truly creative ideas provokes fears and uncertainty and involves risk taking, thus much tension between agencies and clients. The digital, social and integrated ideas, which are harder to pre-test and to control, increase the fear factor.


Creative thinking tools for New Product/Services Development

Surprising as it may sound nearly 70% of the most creative solutions to problems, and innovative new products/ Services in the world are based on some recurring creative patterns. This training is designed to supply the company's professionals some of these innovative thinking tools to enhance their creative thinking potential and enable them to create more creative and effective ideas in their daily work, both in the field of developing new ideas for products/ services, solving problems and in promoting the company’s new products/ services.


Creating Ideas which Create Business

In today’s reality, creative agencies can do much more than advertising. Some agencies have already understood this potential, and use their creative assets to generate new business by creating innovative products or services for their clients.


Cracking the Codes of Digital Storytelling and Branded Content

This masterclass address two key arts which are at the heart of effective communications today: the art of Digital Storytelling and the art of creating compelling Branded Content.


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