Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Core Course

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Core Course

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Core Course

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  • Part time (5:30pm-7:30pm): 4 months (Monday- Thursday)
  • Saturdays (8:30am-1:00pm)

Who is it for?

This course prepares one to get into positions related to Brand Management, Marketing Communications and related fields. It also prepares those entering Communications Agencies including Advertising, Media, Experiential/Below-the-Line and Digital Agencies for positions in Account Management, Strategic Planning and Media Management.

This course ensures all these roles speak the same language by understanding the big picture and their specific discipline. In the real work world, this is absolutely essential.

As an ISA graduate you will be work-ready and eager to hit-the-road-running, and become part of an accomplished Alumni group.


The course will take a 3 step structure:

Step I

This stage arms the student with the language, terminology and contextual concepts used in the practice of Advertising and Brand Marketing. A combination of self-study, lectures and case-study based workshops and group discussions are used to ensure students get practical know-how. Experienced industry practitioners in various specializations including Marketing, Brand, Research, Advertising, Media, Digital, BTL, Account Management, Personal Skills development deliver the training giving them real-life  exposure.

Step 2

Actual projects are provided to the students and they are expected to work on Marketing plans, Brand Plans, Advertising and Creative Briefs, Communication Strategies, as well as develop campaign and project implementation plans.

Step 3

Successful students on the full-time program get opportunities to interview for jobs that will get them started on their career of choice. The technical skills developed in the course of the program together with the personal development skills, give them the edge companies are looking for. These skills are also invaluable for those wishing to venture into self-employment.

Units covered

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