Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Foundation Course

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Foundation Course

Integrated Brand Communications (IBC) Foundation Course

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The purpose of the  IBC Foundation Course is to on-board entry level individuals and those who are still  relatively new in their role;  giving them  a sound personal  and professional grounding.

The first grounding is in aligning behaviour, attitude and basic skills to what is expected as a young professional. The second grounding is in the understanding of marketing and brand communications. There is a disconnect between what many learn  academically and what is required in the real world.  This course bridges the gap, priming them into their roles with a foundational understanding in order to effectively fit into the work place.

Learning Objectives

  1. To develop the personal skills they need, to integrate into the work-place and role they will play
  2. To give them a top-line understanding of marketing and brand communications
  3. Enable them have an informed view of the specialization/ department they can best fit into
  4. To cut- down their learning curve and make them useful to the organisation within a shorter time

Who is it for

This course targets those who have been confirmed in their organisations and have worked for up to a year. They are keen to take off in their career but need the guidance and mentorship to navigate both personally and professionally.

They could be in marketing, customer service, agency, sales and related roles.

Course Delivery

This will be a uniquely interactive workshop style training, consisting of short lectures, practical  group work and discussions. It will also include guest speakers who will take participants through their own personal experiences of how they made it to where they are.


Contact hours             : 24 hours

Group Work                : 10 hours

Study hours                 : 20 hours

Teaching Pattern        : Lectures + videos + case studies + group work presentations

To register for this course, CLICK HERE.

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